Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I jumped off my soapbox to give you a little kid antics. You may remember my previous post about this toddler of ours (T-Hatch, Tatcha, Tatch, Leeda, Leedalee...) not talking much, well, we knew it was there all the time and we told our kids, "He can talk, he just chooses not to." or "You guys already talk so much, he figures he'll let you do it." or "He's like dad." Whatever the case, he was 2 in February and talks the least of any of them at this age. Well, this morning he was scavenging the pulpy bits off of a grapefruit wedge John and I were sharing last night(Hello, I'm the one with water retention issues, can you not be eatin' all the grapefruits??). So in his scavenge-madness, I said, "Tatch, you eatin' a grapefruit?"
"No, they're grapefruits."
"GOOD!! Can you say orange?"
"Can you say apple?"
Can you say oatmeal?
Hesitation, blank stare, mouthed sound, then
"Good, can you say Thatch?"
"Can you say Cherish?"
"Can you say grapefruit?"
--Enter Gabe...."Gabe, come listen to Thatch, he's talkin' away. Thatch, say grapefruit." He gets this I-am-not-a-circus-animal-and-I-will-no-longer-perform-for-you look on his face, grins and runs away. Bummer. "Gabe, he was sayin' all kinds of stuff, I'm tellin' ya."

So that was Thatch, and a few minutes later I hear Cherish say, "Oh! Bill(our male goat) is chasing Maine (our doe) and that's why she's screamin'." Hmmm, could she be a girl with many brothers or what? Wonder why Bill was chasin' Maine.?.

A little Thatchedness...

...and a little Zev action...

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