Monday, November 24, 2008

Okey Dokey

So it appears we'll be Okey's for awhile. When we left NC we knew the Lord was telling us to sell and move from Tx (though I will way miss the weather) but we didn't know exactly where we'd be going. We were assuming it was NC, since that's where we want to go...well kinda, we want to be closer to our great friends, but John's not hip on the congestedness of that popular place. But anyway, God will lead and lead he is. We are moving in the direction God wants us and it's so fun to be right in the center of his will....ahhh. Feeling God move and direct like this, John's decided we're not making ANY plans EVER until the Lord gives the green light. It's way easier/better to wait on him.
Pretty neat the way God worked to whole thing out,Butch and Marybeth, whom we didn't know well upon going there a few weeks ago (this was where-Oklahoma, that is- we went for John to help with the house...see previous post) offered to let us live in their old house once they complete their new house. Wow! We knew it was from the Lord almost right away. So on to our new adventure (as soon as our place sells!).....

Friday, November 21, 2008

Funniest thing

About the soap are funny. So we come home from North Carolina and John tells me he's "ready to be done with soap" That's fine with me cuz if he doesn't want to do it then I don't either. (Can you say burnout??....doing it all alone gets hard) So he said since we knew we were moving that he wanted me to put all products at 50% off on the site. So I wrote going out of business on the homepage along with the discount. This stirred quite a reaction in our faithful customers but hey, what can you do? A couple of days later John tells me, "I don't think we're done with skincare. Why'd you put going out of business on there? I didn't tell you to that." To which I reply, "'I'm ready to be done with soap.' sounds like going out of business to me." So he said we weren't done but when we restart it will be when he's ready (when he'll be a more active participant in the whole thing...GREAT!) So I assumed this would be a few months from now once we resettle somewhere. Well yesterday he says to me, "Why is the store not open?" -- "I haven't opened it yet...we really need to pray about what to do with the website, I don't want to keep paying for it if we are not going to do this [though I REALLY don't want to redo all that someday]." He said, "I just told the store." I squealed. Not a ooo-I'm-so-happy squeal, but a you-are-confusing-the-crump-out-of-me squeal. He laughs. I think he is enjoying this. Anyway, alot will change at Wildwood Acres, but it seems we're not out of business. :) If you are a faithful customer or are just interested in our crazy lives, keep checking out our website for all the new changes. (As we are in the process of moving, these changes will be slow, but they will come.)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

She returns...

Man I hate how long it takes me to get back to blogging, but I'm a wee stretched I guess. But by the time I blog I have 8 million things to say and don't feel like typing for a year. Sheez. Anywho....I don't really know where to start except that God is smackin' us left and right with answered prayers, it's so cool....LOVE IT!! We've already had an offer on our place. John was praying for a buyer who would be as relaxed as he is about things (reason being we have a mud building and other Akiki eccentrics that not your average home owner would be diggin', but hey, we thought we were staying here forever) and that is exactly what this buyer would be. We still aren't sure if that's what we'll do, but it's so nice to know it's there. :) I'm gonna cut this short at that, but I have alot more to say, where we're going, what about soap?, but....kiddos call.