Monday, April 14, 2008

No hairy way

Yes it's my hair again. Most people don't post about weird stuff like their hair, you say, well, it's my blog and today we're talkin' hair, so grab your popcorn and read along. So...funny how we take for granted the little things in life, like not having split ends. So when I noticed them, I thought, 'Oh, my good gravy what am I going to do about this???' Yes a bit of paranoia struck, because I make an awesome shampoo bar, I mean I loaded that thing with every good hair ingredient I could find, except eggs and beer, but I'm thinking of making a sister bar with these ingredients. Hold your socks! Anyway, my hair made me scairt. So I decided to get a trim and talk with my hair lady. Turns out, I was being way to rough on my hair in combing it wet and was causing it to break and split...kinda sense does that make? urgh. So I went home made my new hair conditioning oil..(not sure what I'm gonna call it yet...any ideas?) and applied just a dab to my fingers and ran them through my hair, washed it, combed more gently and sweet molasses if it didn't look great!!!!! I was giddy. So here's my hair tips....don't overcomb when your hair is wet, start at the bottom, working in sections and holding it midway...and don't tug, for goodness sakes, what are you thinkin'? Secondly, let your final rinse be the coolest water you can stand, this lays down the hair cuticle giving you comb-easy-shiny hair. Cool, hmm? So I'm loving my hair adventures and my hair creations....happy combing.


mel said...

hi! I just wanted to point out that I say good gravy also! To funny! I also say for the love of gravy in the morning with biscuits or for the love of biscuits and gravy. Both work just as well for me :)

Chasity said...

Too funny. I saw that on one of your posts....your son's comment made me laugh out loud. We're all about the crazy phrases around here. Come back soon. :)