Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Little Gooey

I like gooey. Gooey as Chasity's unabridged dictionary defines it is...adj. Melty moments, love and sweetness. I always used to define those sweet husband/wife love moments as melty or gooey. So I like gooey. Now my kids know that term and I'll try to grab up my oldest and squeeze him and he'll pull away until I say, "Aww c'mon, be gooey with me." To which he'll grin and say "Muuuuzzer." Don't know how I attracted that word as my name, could be akin to it's owner saying things like 'hankin'? This all started when I described my feelings toward my husband as 'melt all over each other lovin' goodness' So I really dig my man, can you tell? And, I really dig my kids which brings me to my reason for posting. This one's for my mom, I love you mom!!! One cannot fully imagine the depth of love a mother has until she is one herself, I hold my 5 month old Zevulun (Zev, Bebalun, Bugas, Budgis, Tevvy, Tev, Bebalin Kade, Ungu---see I'm not the only one around here that makes up words) and am completely and utterly gooey, every time. Can't help it, the goo just flows, what can I say? I'm addicted. He's a complete little miracle, a whole new person and I could just smooch him all day. I once read that being a mother was like having your heart walking outside of your body (ya with me here?), well, I can relate, I love my six blessings so much that 1/6th of me walks around in each of them, pulling at my soul and causing me to cry out for wisdom daily. One look in a pair of eyes and I'm hopelessly lost in the goo.

Our friend Tom gettin' a little gooey with Zev.


Ginger said...

Your blog is sooo fun. I just adore you, Chas! A friend of mine in a yahoo group I'm in commented this morning to us mothers that she needed something natural and Melinda (you used to work with her at Subway in college) sent the group your store link. I thought that was cool. So, of course, I checked out your link again and the store looks fantabulous! I love all the pics! Who's that on the liquid soaps - Thatch?
I love all the names you give your children...the nicknames. You are wonderful!

Chasity said...

Sweet molasses girl, you're gettin' me all gooey. :) Thanks, Gin...you know I love ya babe.

Chasity said...

Oh, yes, that's Thatch on the liquid soaps...if you'll notice John and Gabe aren't in there yet, but they're comin'!!