Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pig fat

Did you really think I'd put lard in my food??? Sheez. Gullible. Only in smoothies.

Of hair and soap

Shampoo not-so-recent discovery of beautiful hair. Okay so the long of it is, I have a handmade skincare business remember that whole self-employed frugal thing (gimme an F) and I had been asked for quite awhile about making a shampoo. I did a hankin' ton of research and made an awesome bar. But here's the deal, my hair went through three phases, one was this each-strand-feels-like-wire phase, not so nice and hard to comb. Phase 2 (a little less that a week later) was full, lucious beautiful full bouncy full hair. My dreams come true. *Here I divert from my current story to recap the past. Stay tuned.* My hair has always been limp and drab. Yeah. So much to my alternative energy minded hunk of a husband's chagrin, I dried my hair every time I washed it just to give it life. I tired of this too, not enough time in my life to be dryin' my hair (remember six kids...) plus I just wanted the ease of wash, comb and go...ahhh, call it hair envy, call it practicality, call it submission (husband not diggin' the hair dryer), call it whatever...I WANT GOOD HAIR! So I finally found this shampoo I thought would meet the need. I won't name names but the company rhymes with ShArbonne. So that shampoo was full of great oils and herbs for the hair, but also had the foaming agents, sodium lauryl bad guys, and other cruddy chemicals that eventually crudded up my hair too. Stinks man.**back to the story, I realized that this wire phase was because of my shampoo bar, gentle cleanser as it is stripping the cruddy shampoo off my hair, and what I got left was phase 2, clean, healthy full hair...full, I say. So, phase 3 had me was probably 1 1/2 weeks after phase 2 and it was almost drab again. What in the???? I was so bummed, but thought, no biggie, it's a very conditioning bar, I'll just make a lighter one (which I am currently formulating and still plan to do), BUT lo and behold, my hair is full again! Gimme an F, gimme a I'm not quite sure what to make of it yet, but stay tuned as I'm sure this hair saga is not over.

Blog a dig dog

So here I am....blogging. After much consideration and no hankin' way do I have time for that, I made the Spicy bean and lentil burgers.'s all in the burgers. I was thinking I should give this recipe to Cory and thought, wow, yet another way a blog would be useful. I have so many things to say and have always wanted to keep a steady journal (never have...steadily) so I'm giving this a go. I am so busy so I don't promise everyday posts, but some consistency should avail...I hope.
What was I saying, oh yeah, the burgers...I am a mom of six, and we are self employed...sooo, that makes one think frugally...gimme an F...gimme an R....anyway, frugal's good, and I so love to find a tasty, cheap, healthy recipe that feeds alot of people. I emphasize the tasty, cheap and healthy here. we say at my house, I whacked up some burgers tonight that fit the bill. The bill of tasty, cheap and yep...healthy, if you don't count that 1/4 cup lard I added...AND there is plenty left over, so that means we have lunch tomorrow that. Okay, maybe I'll do one of those cooly tutorial thingies with my little bean patties and pics and it'll be cool. So look for this tantalizing stretcher dish type recipe to come soon....