Friday, August 1, 2008


I've yet to meet any other people who are as into color as John and I. I mean...we really like colorful things. It's funny. Due to a potty accident from the toddler (thanks for the incentive Thatch) we tore out the carpet in our bathroom and painted. Now, mind you we don't live in our dream mud house yet, but we do like beauty, so we're trying to make the best with what we got. Good plan, eh? So we painted. John's idea of the color "lime" was the outer skin of the fruit where I was thinking more the inner light color. And we were gonna do the floor blue, I was thinking dark navy, he opted for bright, but it turned out great and we liked it. And because I can't just paint and leave it at that, I had to add a little pinache, flair, whatever you call it. So the plan was a squiggly from ceiling to floor to opposite wall to ceiling, so I mixed the two colors (outer skin lime and bright blue) and white and the result??? GROOVY! The wall squiggly turned out blue and the floor squiggly turned out green. So cool.