Tuesday, April 22, 2008


A little venting...a little soapbox...whatever you wanna call it, I have something to say. Watch out. Hmmm, my husband might interject here--when does she not have something to say?--So girls talk alot, yeah so, well, anyway...I have a little beef to brood about. Can anyone tell me when we as a people started trusting man more than God to meet our health needs? Uh oh, what's she sayin'? I'm sayin' this...do you know that the prescription medications our society so puts their faith in to "heal" them are just chemical mimics of a God given herb (see Psalm 104:4 & Ezekiel 42:12)? And as my husband so wisely put it, "Yep, you can't patent an herb." In other words (for those of you who can't decipher that dry Syrian humor...), these meds we put our faith in were made in an attempt to make money....and they do just that. Huge pharmaceutical companies pay your doctor to....stop the clock, I readily admit scientific advancements have given us great gains in the medical field and we to some degree are better for it. Yaddie yaddie...BUT when we depend on the makings of man and forsake God's design (see Psalm 104:14 & Ezekiel 42:12) we are asking for trouble. And I believe we as a nation are seeing that in the overall health of the population. I am in no way denouncing doctors or their medical help, but I want to know (and think all believers should also) everything I can about herbs to better serve my family. In what little herbal experience I have in using several different ones over the last year making various skin concoctions, I have found them to be HIGHLY effective. It's so cool I made a "Cure All Tincture" a few weeks ago using some immune boosting herbs and cayenne(WHHHATCHOUT!) and when John was trying to get sick, it licked it. Licked it good. Yep. So cool. And all I can say about that is, what do we expect? How can man one up God? Exactly.

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