Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father's Day

My kids adore their dad, and rightfully so, he is an amazing man and I'm so blessed to have him. We love you!

Foaling around

I love to watch animals with their young. Maybe it's because I have so many young of my own...I dunno, but it's so neat to watch them. Mary Beth's horse, Doll, recently had her baby, too cute and as I'm trying to take their picture, Zev was doing his usual tug-on-my-skirt deal. He stands between my legs looking up saying, "Uhh, maah, maah." He's too cute to resist.


Cherish is an awesome big sister, and though I longed for another girl sooner than this, I'm so glad Harmony has Cherish to "mother" her. They are too cute together, and I love to hear Cherish talk to her little sister. She's a little mama with her and it rocks. I hear a lot of, "You're so pretty, Don't fuss, you're okay, do you want milkies?" Etc, but with the boys it's more like, "Maaahhhhm, Harmony needs you."

Beard seed

I like beards. I think God made hair to grow on men's faces (well, most men) so they should let nature take it's course...right? Since John's been out of the Navy, he's had a beard. There have been a few cases of shaveage and we all protest. We like the beard. Recently, he's kept it trimmed down because he's working outdoors so much, it gets hot, but I really prefer it a little thicker. He's had it really long before (can't find the picture of it...bummer) but anyway...since our first baby he's rubbed his beard and/or whiskers on little feet to tickle or what have you. In more recent bearded years, he's given "beard seed". This is when he rubs a young one's face and gives them beard seed so they'll grow a beard when older. Cherish was a little nervous that getting beard seed might work on her too. John recently planted some seed on Thatch. We decided to give him an early beard. Does this mean I should stop shaving my legs??? (The picture with Harmony shows him with a fuller beard.)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Always greener....

In the midst of denying myself many faved yummies...aka dieting, I always look ahead to a day when I can "cheat"....this time the famed cheat excitement would be with mocha cake. Oh yes, mocha cake. I found the recipe a while back and sweet goodness, it's good. Way. So this morning (first "off" day) I made it and had some mid morning. Rewind. We had pancakes for breakfast....a meal I really love (homemade oat pancakes, mind you, an Akiki fave) and get this, I couldn't even eat two pancakes. Bummer. I can usually pack down 3-4 comfortably, but as happens to me with this diet, my stomach shrinks and I can't hold as much. Good thing, but.... c'mon. So the mocha cake...I could barely stomach a teeny piece of it. Everything, EVERYTHING fills me up so fast (yes even my morning java). I like it, I guess....but part of me is like "Ahhh, come ON, that was not even enough to fill a bird's stomach." Think skinny Chas.


Okay it's 15 lbs....and that's since my first rotation of the diet started May 26th. WOOOOHIPPPTY!!!!!! I've always heard it's not good to lose weight fast, but I DO NOT care as long as it stays off and I don't lose muscle. Yip skippy, progress is motivating.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Still chuggin'

I've lost 4 more pounds since last we talked. Yep, so that's a total of 12 now. I'm thinking of taking next week off. Not a stuff my face with chocolate week off, but more of a be normal week off. It's like this, I made bread yesterday, and as the undeniably yumolicious smell wafted through the house, I thought, "Today, diets stink, yep stink." The boys didn't help either, "One little bite won't hurt your diet, mom." That's okay, I'm strong, results are motivating. But I thought a week off might be a good idea, confuse my body even more. :) We'll see, I know I'll go into panic mode if the scales move the wrong way. I'll keep ya posted.

Eye see you

As Zev tackled me the other day for some good mama cuddlin', he whapped my glasses off my face, bending them slightly, reminding me why I detest them. Rewind...I've worn glasses since I was contacts around age 12 or 13 and never looked back...ahh, that is until I married Mr. Anti-Contacts. Yep, he hates em. So he convinced me a few years back to abandon the contacts and wear glasses only and we'd save for me to get laser eye surgery. Well, you can't have eye surgery when nursing, pregnant or the like. All of which I have been since said conversion. So....I'm waiting. I'm rough on them, that's why contacts suit me, but I like the ease of them vs. contacts. Well I took a with and without pic of myself so let me know what you think. Since eye surgery is years away (I plan to nurse Harmies a loooong time and's expensive!!)....

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Pits

Stinky pits to be exact. I, of course, make my own deodorant and just before we closed up shop on the skincare, I had added a lemongrass solid deodorant to the line, which was my all time fav in the effectiveness department. But, John, my yummy, yet somewhat smelly (sorry babe....)husband had requested a spray deodorant for awhile (sorry again) cuz he liked to carry one with him in the car and the solid version would melt plus he just thought spray would be better in the warmer months (inhale...whew, didn't that just make you wanna gasp for air?)...well he's RIGHT, oh my goodness, it works so way better and I never smell him. I hope he doesn't kick my tail for being so candid, but c'mon, he's a hardworkin' man and well hard work makes ya sweat and sweat, well, doesn't smell like peaches, kay? So anyway, now he smells good and I'm lovin' it, shoulda made it sooner, eh?

Worth the weight

So I mentioned I'm dieting and congrats to all the rest of you who are losing with me. :) I'm on my second rotation of the diet...Speaking of....this is what I's 11 days on and 3 days off. I found it online to be precise. It's a diet generator (I think it cost's $20 or something) anyway, you select foods and it generates a menu for you. You can do it yourself, but I prefer the ease of the menu done for me. Basically it's a rotation of all protein, all carb, and protein+carb meals. With me so far? For example, today I ate three all protein meals and one protein+carb meal. Tomorrow has two protein+carb and yesterday had 3 all carb. It's not as complicated as it sounds and the general rule is to eat 4 meals and NEVER EVER EVER eat more at one sitting than you need. NEVER. As a result of sticking to this rule, my tummy is shrinking and I literally can't hold as much. I love it!! I hope it keeps working for me, I think the key is to confuse your body. Keep it guessing and you'll lose. So my Harmie was worth the weight, but now, it's GOT TO GO. And remember, nothing tastes as good as skinny feels!

Big and little

Behold, the Akikicrew...

okay, well that's most of us.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Just a quick note to all of you who read my blog. COMMENT!!! We bloggers like comments from our readers. If you don't know how, send me an email at and I'll tell ya. Thanks for readin'!


I decided discipline is good. I've been dieting. Yep, I know it's an ugly word. BUT, it seems that baby weight doesn't melt off when one is over thirty as it did when one was in her twenties. Sigh... Such a bummer. I love the discipline this diet gives me and best of all IT WORKS. Woohippty and goodness knows this gal wouldn't be doin' it if it didn't work. Yep, I've lost 8 lbs. I think...well the scales say 10 but I'm going with 8 since I think they are faulty, however, 10 sounds better, eh? The number one rule of weight loss is to NOT eat more at one sitting than one needs. Got that? That means leave the table with a little room left. You eat what you need and STOP, stop when there's room for more, but you don't really need more. That's what I mean by the discipline. Anyway the diet I'm doing is a rotation of calories, a sort of cycling if you will and man does it work, burns the fat and I love it. I do it for 11 days, have three days off and go again. I'm now on my second off day on the first rotation. Yep you heard me first rotation and I lost 8lbs!! Sweet molasses is that results or what????? It's all about confusing your body, cuz our bodies are always trying to maintain equilibrium so we have to confuse it a bit if we want to lose (I sound so smart, don't I??) Can't wait to see how next rotation turns out...I'll keep ya posted. Here's to being slimmer and feelin' good!