Monday, April 7, 2008

Quinn workin' the crowd

I have to say that if I were a Canton shopper and passed by a booth like ours I would be drawn in by all it's colorful grooviness and neatness of product. Funkatabulous! That's my style...obviously, we designed it. But alas, not everyone is like me...some people need a little encouragement...coercing if you will....enter Quinn...lovingly dubbed as Q (when he lets me). I suggested he ask people if they'd like to try a handmade lotion or body butter and he was all for it. But it's rather intimidating to strike up chat with someone you don't know. So he was nervous. I told him he'd get paid a small commission on sales he brings in and that he could do it when he was pressure. It didn't take long to hear the cha-CHING in his thoughts and he was out there bringin' 'em in.
It was great...he brought in almost all of our sells. It really is a family business and our kids were a valuable asset. Gabe and Eli tried their hand at it, but didn't get much time in. More next month.
So here's Quinn at work....

...and our booth....we learned alot, like we need bigger signs!


Karen Crabtree said...


Traci Johnson just pointed the way to your blog and I must say, you are a riot! I love it! It's been my kind of entertainment this morning.

Keep postin'!
Karen Crabtree

Kaye said...

Love the booth..and I would keep utilizing this handsome little salesman.

Chasity said...