Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What happened to my blog?

It's been forever and a month I know, but for those of you who don't.....WE'RE HOME!!! Well kinda, we've moved back to Tennessee. I'd love to give you the long of it and maybe soon I will but for now, I'll say we're so thankful God has brought us closer to family.

Speaking of family, ours is growing, again. Yep, those of you who haven't heard are not allowed to call, text, email, facebook, etc me with your complaints of not having heard yet, got that? Good. We thought we'd be all clever and keep it a secret for awhile and surprise people, but apparently not every one in our family is a good secret keeper(hint...the bearded one), so news has leaked out that we are to be parents!!! Oh, wait, we already are parents, but I guess we'll be parents to another sweet soul! Did she just say she's gonna have her eighth child? Yipes!!!