Monday, April 7, 2008

Canton Madness

Well we came...we sold...we conquered...sort of. Things were slow and our sells were not as high as we wanted. BUT, this was our first time, and as Quinn reminded me, "Mom this is just the first time. You said you talked to a lady that didn't sell anything her first month, and we're doing WAY better than that." --"You're right, babe, we're doing fine." And really we were, he was a star salesman and we got to meet some real nice people. We will give it until Dec and if it seems not worth the expense we'll stop. Our goal is for our business to mostly come from the web, so we can really be home. We don't mind doing shows, in fact, Canton was pretty fun, but we want mostly to do festivals and the net....and you know it really doesn't matter, if Canton's what it takes to keep us going, then Canton here we come, I guess I just say that because renting the both costa some moolah and that's a drag, but it's exposure and John had the brilliant idea of giving away 15% off coupons...encouraging online sales. What a thinker he is, eh? So that will hopefully bring in more for us this month.

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