Thursday, May 29, 2008


Schwew. Man, I've wanted to blog for a while, but who knew you'd find so many old friends on Facebook. As secretary to my man, I've been assigned the task of scheduling our days so that we are more efficient in our endeavors, so that's something I'm working on. Of course we can't be too punch clockish or it won't jive. But anyway, I should be doing that instead of this, we's looking neat, John's adding rocks and bottles (for groovy light) and I'm way excited, because, you guessed it folks, when this puppy's done, we move on to the HOUSE. Hot diggidy spank! I am so excited. Of course we'll have to do careful planning, praying and more planning before we start, but yipppeeeeeeeeee. In our last cobbing effort I was assigned the task of de-labeling some of the bottles....and I stabbed myself with John's pocket machete (he calls it a knife but it's the size of Montana) and right in the joint too, man that hurt. Big waaaa. So this time I actually got muddy and cobbed, love it but don't get to do it as often as the rest of the crew, may have to nurse, cook, clean, soap, you know. I'm busy. was fun. So here's a pic of my hunky man sitting on our progress....

Monday, May 19, 2008

The fruit....

Big fan of grapefruits as I am...that is not the fruit I speak of. Reflecting on my previous post we see that John told me to hold off on new products, well.....a couple of days ago I came home with a fire under my rump to clean up our property. My husband is the grooviest guy I know but not one for the organizing. And So...that can be a wee frustrating if you haven't read Created to Be His Helpmeet and know how to roll wid it. So I'm tryin' to roll, really I am, but this day...well, I gathered the kids and said, "We're purging." So we began cleaning like mad hatters and it was glorious. Oh wait, let me rewind, first he came home as I was standing by our burn barrel (we do alot of burning and keep it confined to a big 5 gallon drum..the burn barrel) I was fighting back it wasn't the smoke in my eyes I was just so tired of trashy funky clutteredness. URGH. So he said, "I gotta go...don't look so overwhelmed." Oh, mama, YOU'RE TELLIN' ME NOT TO LOOK OVERWHELMED!!! THIS PLACE IS TRASHED!! So I shed a few tears and got to work. The boys and I were busy when he got back...lateeda, clean clean clean...anyway, later that night I said, "Hey thanks for puttin' the brakes on me, it forced me to get outside, I love bein' out there." He said, "Yeah, I like having you out there, you're the one with all the motivation to get things done. I need you." WHAT? Stop the clock did he just say he needed me? Sweet molasses...gooey. Love it. (the fruit) Then today, he said, "What am I doin' this week?" I laughed...he said, "No really I need you to be my help meet and tell me what I'm doing?" That meant he wanted me to organize/prioritize what he needs to get done. HELLO...women are you reading this? The point is I could have missed all those sweet complimentary phrases if I'd let his clutteryness get me crabby. (The tears I shed were simply...gotta let 'em fall, help me Lord.) You see I didn't clean alone, no he did alot (and my boys rock!!)but he needs my energy to drive him so to speak. I just love this whole help meet thing God's got goin' in us girlies.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Slowuh Downuh

I've wanted to post for an eon now, but too busy. So I'm squeezin this one in before school while the kids finish up breakfast. I'm so thankful for kids that can cook....Mon-Fri one of the older three boys makes breakfast. They do a simple grain cereal. Saturdays and Sundays are our "fancy schmancy" breakfasts where mom whacks up some muffins, biscuits, pancakes or waffles. I was crankin' out one of the deliciousO meals every other day and it was just too much, sucking up too much of our school time. Soooooo I made it a boy task and they love it. :) Dogged good kids I have.

So as my profile describes I like to move at lightning speed. Get it That's how I feel about it. So I have a page long list of new products to add to our business, and I was working on two new ones yesterday. Then I asked John a question and he answered my formulating question by....putting the brakes on me. What? That 's not what I asked. Urgh. But as I listened to him tell me why...I realize he's right. He wants me to take a few weeks and not work on anything new . He loves all my ideas and thinks they will sell great but I've got to slowuh downuh. Gotta be a mom & wife who has a life, right? But as I'm thanking him for putting on the brakes, my mind is reeling with what, when, how I'm gonna do my new stuff. (A couple of things I have started he said I could finish.) Isn't that funny? It's like this, I'm gonna make an eye cream, I want one for me, and I've been asked as well. But he says wait. I'm making a baby vapor rub, teething support, & diaper spray...want that for my little perfix, but J says wait. Ahhhhhhh.........I recall him saying, "Are you gonna accept this or argue with me?" --"Accept it." Now I know what you're thinking, I must have been arguing for him to have said that, but I was just, um, well okay....technically it was arguing, but...stop, the important thing is I smilingly submitted inside and out, I just tried not to at first, but he's right.
He said I could finish my acne tonic and my new hair experiments and I think he may let me work on candles too, BUT that's only because all that stuff was started already. We'll see....and I guess I don't need to be in such a hurry. :)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Blib blab blob

It's been awhile so I'll probably gab about several things...thus the reason for my broad range title. So we're back from Canton, yep....back. It was really, um, bad this time....I would be very discouraged if it hadn't been for the tornado that seemingly turned everyone off to the idea of shopping. Yep, tornado in Canton. So we decided to take a break from it until fall....two reasons...being outside on the "grounds" would be way more, well, way better. And seeing as how we live in hot-tamale-ville it would be a bad idea to take natural skincare products and sell them outside for 4 days in a row in the blairy hot summer. So we thought we should wait until it cools off. Also, that's that. But our efforts were not in vain, we met some great people, lots of interest in our company and wholesale we're praying that all pans out. We still feel Canton is gonna work for us....I had a feeling we should go outside, but agreed that inside would logically be where everyone would go to "cool off" and grab a bite at the food court. Problem is Canton's Trade Days has been going on forever, yep forever, and this building is new....3 years new, and your average hard core Cantoner has never even heard of it. So that equals less shopping traffic which is a real drag for those of us trying to earn a living at this. So we shall wait and do it in the fall...didn't I say that already.
But God is faithful and we came home yet again to more online orders. Our business is really growing and starting to pick up the pace. YIPPPEEEE.