Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Never stop

Well Canton was good, and what's even better is that we got several online orders recently. Thank you Jesus!!! John's got some landscaping work lined up this month and we are going to book some additional festivals. We're doing it!! This is what I wanted and it is way fun. So now that I'm home I decided I want to make myself a purse before I jump back on the formulating wagon. I'm ready to formulate my new stuff brewing in my head, but purse. I'm a one-strap-across-the-body kinda purse girl, and I used to carry those type always, but they are small and now that I have *many* kids, I like to be able to carry a diaper, few wipes, pair of skivs if I need to, oh, and I'm an organizer, compulsive-throw-things kind of organizer. So I wanted this bag with pockets here and there, and the messenger style, I guess, what is messenger style anyway? So I got all crafty and did it. Now mind you it's my first attempt and if you looked close you'd see and error or three. BUT overall, it turned out okay. Especially my applique...oh, and check out the flower goes just over the corner of the pocket right? Why you think it does that, eh? Yep, I messed up that corner and was covering it was originally just going to be the flower, no stem...clever, eh?


seasonsmom said...

I tell ya, you are something else! Crafty all the way! Totally crafty! What mistakes are you talking about? I don't see nothing! I got me a backpack bag at Kids Connection yesterday for $6all leather. I am like you-organizer tons of pockets. I hung by the purses for ever. There were tons of them. I already have tons of bags and even bought a new purse, somewhat on sale (needed one badly for the wedding) but I still looked at every purse hanging there. I felt like an idiot after a while. Great job! Keep blogging. When do you do it all? I keep asking these superwomen to share how they get blogging squeezed in their busy day. I can only do it at nite. Love ya, Natalie

traci said...

love the bag, love the colors, love the pockets...hey chas, have you ever thought about adding a purse/bag line to your business? maybe using some fabric made out of recycled material or something all natural with no toxins in the dye for the bag, so when your little ones grab for it (as we know they do) and put it in their mouth we don't have to worry so much?? just a thought, something to think and pray about??
bye :) traci