Saturday, April 19, 2008

God & Toof Bits

Okay the lowdown is this....several months ago while doin' some research for a new product (can't remember which one) I came across Dr. Gerard F. Judd's research concerning our teeth. He was researching why American's get so many cavities compared to other countries yet we go to the dentist all the time. Soooo, what I found surprised me. He says the best thing to brush our teeth with is soap! Why? Because the glycerin that's in all toothpastes (even the natural ones) coats our teeth with a film that Dr. Judd says takes 27 rinses to rinse off, whereas soap takes 2. Wow. And he says reenamelization is the key to strong teeth and our teeth can only do that when they're clean AND they aren't clean if they're coated with glycerin. Cool, huh? So I tried it, brushing with soap...and WHOA MAN, it was so way different. But when you really think about it, isn't this probably how people used to brush their teeth before everything got all civilized and chemical laden and "better" ?? So anyway, from this was born Toof Bits, our all natural soap for teeth. They have, to our surprise, really taken off. We sell quite a bit of it. And John in his wisdom, did some google ads for it and (and this brings me to the reason for this blog) today I got a call from a lady who did a search, found da Bits and wanted to put us on her ezine (internet magazine). I said, "SSShyeah." No really I was way more professional...but it's a deal where we send her samples which she distributes in a "Go Natural" sample box she's promoting in exchange for getting a permanent link with her ezine and exposure to whomever tries the Bits. I was silently thanking God for this yet another open door to our skincare business. I sometimes get a little wowed thinking, "Wow, I made this, and people like it." Sweet. (So for those of you who read this, if you know of other places where we can link please let me know.)

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