Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Still chuggin'

I've lost 4 more pounds since last we talked. Yep, so that's a total of 12 now. I'm thinking of taking next week off. Not a stuff my face with chocolate week off, but more of a be normal week off. It's like this, I made bread yesterday, and as the undeniably yumolicious smell wafted through the house, I thought, "Today, diets stink, yep stink." The boys didn't help either, "One little bite won't hurt your diet, mom." That's okay, I'm strong, results are motivating. But I thought a week off might be a good idea, confuse my body even more. :) We'll see, I know I'll go into panic mode if the scales move the wrong way. I'll keep ya posted.


kentuckymommy said...

That rocks!!!!!!!!!!OK Chas...what is the actual website to order the info? The link is a log-in with no access until purchase...I wanna start!

Tonya Lindsey said...

Hi Chas,

Long time no talk!! Way to go on your (sorry for the bad word....) DIET!

I have lost 80, yes it isn't a typo, pounds! Size 8 girl!!!!!

Love the blog. Harmies is georgous but what would I expect from the Akiki crew....ugly? no way! Cute, cute kids!!!!

Love ya,

Tonya (the long lost Lindsey)

Elaine said...

I like your way of thinking...I take time off from my diet...I guess that's why I'm stuck at 15 pounds, but that's good for now...I like to eat tasty food and the bread sounds "tasty".