Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Beard seed

I like beards. I think God made hair to grow on men's faces (well, most men) so they should let nature take it's course...right? Since John's been out of the Navy, he's had a beard. There have been a few cases of shaveage and we all protest. We like the beard. Recently, he's kept it trimmed down because he's working outdoors so much, it gets hot, but I really prefer it a little thicker. He's had it really long before (can't find the picture of it...bummer) but anyway...since our first baby he's rubbed his beard and/or whiskers on little feet to tickle or what have you. In more recent bearded years, he's given "beard seed". This is when he rubs a young one's face and gives them beard seed so they'll grow a beard when older. Cherish was a little nervous that getting beard seed might work on her too. John recently planted some seed on Thatch. We decided to give him an early beard. Does this mean I should stop shaving my legs??? (The picture with Harmony shows him with a fuller beard.)

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kentuckymommy said...

umm...If you quit, please don't tell!

That pic of Thatch is just like the ones we have of our boys with beards!

He is such a cutie!