Saturday, June 6, 2009


I decided discipline is good. I've been dieting. Yep, I know it's an ugly word. BUT, it seems that baby weight doesn't melt off when one is over thirty as it did when one was in her twenties. Sigh... Such a bummer. I love the discipline this diet gives me and best of all IT WORKS. Woohippty and goodness knows this gal wouldn't be doin' it if it didn't work. Yep, I've lost 8 lbs. I think...well the scales say 10 but I'm going with 8 since I think they are faulty, however, 10 sounds better, eh? The number one rule of weight loss is to NOT eat more at one sitting than one needs. Got that? That means leave the table with a little room left. You eat what you need and STOP, stop when there's room for more, but you don't really need more. That's what I mean by the discipline. Anyway the diet I'm doing is a rotation of calories, a sort of cycling if you will and man does it work, burns the fat and I love it. I do it for 11 days, have three days off and go again. I'm now on my second off day on the first rotation. Yep you heard me first rotation and I lost 8lbs!! Sweet molasses is that results or what????? It's all about confusing your body, cuz our bodies are always trying to maintain equilibrium so we have to confuse it a bit if we want to lose (I sound so smart, don't I??) Can't wait to see how next rotation turns out...I'll keep ya posted. Here's to being slimmer and feelin' good!


Anonymous said...

I hear ya girl! I've lost 25 lbs since January by counting calories, eating real food and exercising at least 3 days a week. It's very liberating. I always have 3 cheat meals a week for that confusion you're talking about.
Keep up the good work. There's nothing like feeling good about yourself!
Love ya!

kentuckymommy said...

Please tell me where to info to do thid Chas....I have literally been workin' my butt off with hardly any butt gone! PLEASE share!!!!

Elaine said...

GOOD FOR YOU! You go Girl!. Although, I hate to tell you, it only gets worse the older you get. I had a diet that ALWAYS worked for me, then one summer it didn't. It took me years to find a way to lose some weight. I've finally lost 15 pounds, since Feb. It feels good to fit into my favorite clothes.

Chasity said...
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Chasity said...

Ugh, don't tell me that, I'm already bummed that the baby weight doesn't just fall off like it did in my twenties. Men have it so easy...John just thinks about losing a few and they're gone. Urrr. Congrats on the 15 look great!