Friday, June 19, 2009

Always greener....

In the midst of denying myself many faved yummies...aka dieting, I always look ahead to a day when I can "cheat"....this time the famed cheat excitement would be with mocha cake. Oh yes, mocha cake. I found the recipe a while back and sweet goodness, it's good. Way. So this morning (first "off" day) I made it and had some mid morning. Rewind. We had pancakes for breakfast....a meal I really love (homemade oat pancakes, mind you, an Akiki fave) and get this, I couldn't even eat two pancakes. Bummer. I can usually pack down 3-4 comfortably, but as happens to me with this diet, my stomach shrinks and I can't hold as much. Good thing, but.... c'mon. So the mocha cake...I could barely stomach a teeny piece of it. Everything, EVERYTHING fills me up so fast (yes even my morning java). I like it, I guess....but part of me is like "Ahhh, come ON, that was not even enough to fill a bird's stomach." Think skinny Chas.

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