Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Pits

Stinky pits to be exact. I, of course, make my own deodorant and just before we closed up shop on the skincare, I had added a lemongrass solid deodorant to the line, which was my all time fav in the effectiveness department. But, John, my yummy, yet somewhat smelly (sorry babe....)husband had requested a spray deodorant for awhile (sorry again) cuz he liked to carry one with him in the car and the solid version would melt plus he just thought spray would be better in the warmer months (inhale...whew, didn't that just make you wanna gasp for air?)...well he's RIGHT, oh my goodness, it works so way better and I never smell him. I hope he doesn't kick my tail for being so candid, but c'mon, he's a hardworkin' man and well hard work makes ya sweat and sweat, well, doesn't smell like peaches, kay? So anyway, now he smells good and I'm lovin' it, shoulda made it sooner, eh?


liz said...

Got here from a link to a link to a link... I think I'm lost in blogland! Anyway, I like your blog. Would love to know how you make deodorant or if you are selling it and what the ingredients are.

Chasity said...

Liz, Welcome...the ingredients are witch hazel, vodka, grapefruitseed extract, rosemary, tea tree, lemongrass and lime essential oils. It stuff I've ever used, if I were still doing skincare, I would way sell it, but as of now, I just make if for us. I also make a solid as I said on the blog, but like the spray better. If you want exacts let me know. :)