Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Young, old, pimples to behold

Well it's a relief to know I'm not that old yet. So I've been using my Repairing Night Oil on my face and as Cory warned me it would, my face broke out. Bummer. *Rewind*But I have to tell you how jazzed I am about my Gentle Face Scrub.....I put rice bran powder and adzuki bean powder in it, both known for gentle exfoliation and blemish control and a few weeks ago I used it on a little grove of blackheads I had at the corner of my mouth....amazingly this gentle scrub deep cleansed those pores and my face was smooth and soft there. Oh my hank! I had no idea it would work that good......I mean seriously there were NO blackheads. I kept checking the mirror thinking, 'they'll be back' but apparantly, I've got a small miracle on my hands here. :) EEEEHEEE! So fast forward.....it seems my skin is not quite mature enough for the Repairing Night Oil....wheww....so I had a nice speckling of bumps last night, so you guessed it....I whipped out the scrub, oh my sweet molasses if it didn't do it again. I plan to add some info to the site about how great a' job this is doing on my pimplies. So now, I'm formulating a cream and such for younger skin. Glad I still fit in that category. More research....


seasonsmom said...

Will you have some of that blackhead miracle to bring to the wedding? If so, could you please add it to my list or should I do so in a wish list somewhere on your site?
I can't wait for more fun stuff. Keep blogging. No, you are not the only blogger to post 2 a day, same hour. It can get addictive, I tell ya.

Chasity said...

I can have some there if you want. Let me know exactly what you want me to bring in the next couple of weeks. :)
Addictive...I agree..but way fun.