Tuesday, March 4, 2008


So here's my recipe...well sort of.....it's more of a process or procedure, but you get the desired effect...yummy meatless burgers. No, I'm not anti-meat, I just like the lower cost of the beans. 

Spicy Lentil Black Bean Burgers

Okay I cook up both (this would be way better with pictures, but I didn't want to leave you waiting for my life to slow down...so here's to future posts with cute pics) 

Fill my food processor with yay amount of beans and yay amount of lentils...about half and half and maybe a dab more black beans, okay then another spoon of lentils. ...you get the point.

So then we add, chopped onion

4-5 cloves of garlic...now hey, we like garlic 

3 jalapenos....CAUTION...these are hot, mmmkay? Might want to use less if feeding kiddos

3 tsp chili powder....yep I think that's how much I use

salt....shake shake shake

about 1 tsp black pepper

3 beaten eggs 

bread crumbs (I usually add cornmeal and flour here, cuz I never have breadcrumbs) not sure how much...

okay it'll be pretty wet so I cook them on a hot griddle like pancakes. You can make them the perfect size for your burger buns. They are way yum...sorry for the lack of real recipe but I trust you experienced cooks will do well. :) Enjoy your chow.


seasonsmom said...

Hey, that's so cool to see you post! I can't wait to read the other ones. I've made Rachael Ray's black bean burgers (but they came out too flat and were ok) but I am not going to give up. Keep them coming, busy business buddy? Have I been studying the Bs with my 2nd grader or what? How do you get them to write their b and d the correct way, sorry it's off topic?

linda said...

great way for us to stay connected with your daily lives. Love you all. God Bless and keep you each and every one. Nana

Chasity said...

Thanks...blogging is fun...and I love the commments, keep 'em comin! Hmmm..b d...I tell my kids the ball is in front of the bat. bbbbbbbb

I know, isn't it?? Blogging is a great idea, so neat. Love ya.