Friday, March 21, 2008

Pickedy pic pics

"Gabe, uh, you cut my head off." -- "Gabe, I told you to stand here, now the sun's all wrong."-- "Gabe, that's great....we'll use that one!" He was a good sport and I didn't expect expert photography from a 7 year old, and he probably wished he hadn't happened by at that time, but oh well, you're the man. It's beautiful in Texas this time of year, and I was trying to get some more pics of us on the website. We still have a few models to, and hopefully some more family's just hard to get us all together sometimes. Photo day....

This was supposed to be a hair pic, but he didn't get my hair, but hey, I'm wearing my new Fresh Touch shade of LiP-iX! :) Hey Thatch.

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