Friday, March 7, 2008


I love it. But not tonight. Have you ever worked with iron oxides....don't. See it's like this, my tinted moisturizer was not to my I'm formulating. Oh man...that can get old. I was asked to make a tinted moisturizer...great idea, I thought, I'd like one too. And I thought, easy schmeasy, just add some color to a lotion...not that easy. You need something to give it cohesion, to make the color come off on your face...well, voila, beeswax! The hmpf 'bee' people do it, why can't I? Uggh, too oily. Less beeswax, no color, still oily...ugh. Next...clay, aha, too dry. Ugh, what's a moisturizer if it's dry. So what's a girl to do? Yep, pray. Now, I pray about every thing and then some. What's the joy in life if you can't talk to your Creator, so I do...often, about every....yep, even tinted moisturizer. So tonight, did it, again...formulated, too thick, too gel-ley, too thin, too dry....AHHHH!!! Dry me crazy, but I think I got it. I won't jump up and do a happy-finally-got-it dance until I've worn it a few days and am happpy with it. But as of tonight the results are good. Good color come off-ed-ness (how else would you say that?), good feel, a little shea butta makes it so softy...ahhh. So I think we're good. Fin a hair a LY.....oh, wait, I said I wouldn't say it's good yet. Okay, give it a week....I'll let you know.

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