Friday, March 14, 2008

Headless chickens

We have roughly 10 days to do about 2 months worth of things to get ready for some big events coming up. Hold up, I'm getting ahead of myself. Have to tell you the coolness of we prayed for a place to sell our wares...skincare stuff where people would buy it, use it, love it....God provided, Canton....don't know why we didn't think of this before but now we're doing it. Well it's a wee on the $$ side to rent a booth since its THE biggest flea-market-type-trade-show thingie in the world....WHOA...BUT after going there we were confident we could do well. (Thank you Lord for the repeated reminders as to the validity of this thought)....Anyway, no hankin' way could we do it without an RV because I need to nurse my Zev man and so on...oh and it's a 3 day event once a month, did I mention that? So three days without milkies and Zev might get kinda hungry. So we needed an RV...but the kicker is that we didn't want to spend much money. Good luck. I resolved to pray. GOD IS AMAZING!! He provided us with a new, hear me, NEW RV for....hold on to your socks, $1700...what in the??? Yep, is that cool or what? I was so hairy was a getting-married-don't-want-to-pay-300-bucks-a-month-RV-park rent-wanna-get-rid-of-this-trailer deal. WHAMMO! So then John goes to get this trailer and drives home without one of those stabilizer thingies, and it scairt him...bad. "Lots of prayin' and many bathroom stops." he said. So we wanna take it to Ky to the wedding we're going to but John said no way without the thing. But they are like $600 and we just didn't want to shell out any more just yet. So I prayed. And again...God!!! Bonnie Lloyd, groovy gal that she is, is gonna let us use theirs!! Woooheee, three cheers for Bonnie. So that's the short of it and man am I lovin my kids see God answer prayers so fun. So we're doing alot to get ready for Canton, a wedding and a thousand other things...ahhh...keep your head on.

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seasonsmom said...

Chas, girl! YOu are a praying girl, aren't you? I always knew you were special to God. But I know I am too. But now I think you are really special to HIM. That is so cool! Thank you dear Jesus! I can't wait to see ya and all the big kids at the wedding! Where are you parking? We are staying with Ben's sis and her 6 kds at my house-no furniture but we'll bring some blankets and chairs. I am so looking forward. Eme a link to Canton! Love ya. N