Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Weight, weight don't tell me

Here's the deal with this diet I'm doing, on day 2, you eat fruit only for three meals and a sandwich for the fourth (you eat 4 meals a day, did I say that?), well that is TOUGH. I get hungry..way... so on the second rotation of it, I cheated, ate my sandwich at 10 am and ended up eating salad or something later that day. So I lost half the weight that time that I did the time before....hmmm? So on the third rotation, I, yep, cheated on that day again, now we're not talking pig out, eat what I want cheats, just food, more food. Then I decided that day was probably metabolically pivotal for success (not sure if those are real words but stay with me). I was right, yesterday I did not cheat on fruit day and I'm seeing the difference already. I'll report with my stats at the end of this rotation. Think skinny.

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