Friday, July 17, 2009

Eli & limes

It's dinner time.



"E? Elijah! Can you hear me?" [He was obviously engrossed in some activity because my kids would never hear me and not, never. :)]


"Could you make some limeade for me?"


Limeade in progress, good. As is customary with my 7 year old chef, lime and/or lemon halves are stacked in neat order. As I'm stirring the sauce for our spaghetti squash, Eli comes over to discuss limes.

"Mom, if we were a big family, I'd juice like 12 or 24 limes and I could make a castle out of them."

"If?" I say, thinking perhaps he doesn't realize we are a big family.


"Honey, look around, we are a big family."

"Well, I know, but I mean, a real big know, like a BIG family."

Wonder how many kids Eli will have?



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