Saturday, July 25, 2009

Aperture Smaperture

It's biting me. This photography bug. It started awhile back, but I ignored it. But it keeps biting.

Bitten too hard one day, I called gloriously groovy photography friend (you hankin' rock, by the way!). She enlightened me with talk of aperture, iso, shutter speed, image files, and all other manner of camera garble that was as clear as mud to me. So she sent me a couple of really great and informative photography books (told you she was that gal) and I'm reading. Yes, reading and learning.

It's always fun to learn something new, but the learning does something to makes me want to use my knowledge, funny how that works. So I'm practicing with my Sony camera and realizing it stinks. Yep, stinks. I guess cameras are a bit like is constantly improving and before you know it, your once Wow! camera is...uh...blah. The more I learn, the more it disappoints me. Urgh. I knew this going into this quest for knowledge...that my camera was lacking.

So, I'm ready for a new one. Problem is, quality cameras aren't cheap and so I'm praying that if this is something God wants me to pursue, he'll provide the $$$.

Now you may be asking, 'God wants you to pursue? What do you mean?' Right. Good. I'm glad you asked.

See, for a long time...years....I've had this creative drive if you will to, um, create something, anything. It began with curtains. I learned I could sew a thing or two, and made some rockin' curtains for my house several years back. (This sewing bug is biting me as well once again and I want to have another go at clothes making, but my machine gave up the ghost several months ago and has yet to be replaced. But I digress.) So next was painting, yes, aside from pretty walls, I wanted fun stuff in the kids' room. So I painted murals on the walls. Proud of it's beauty and mine own hands having done it, I called a friend to brag, ehem, talk about what I'd done. I said, "You know it seems to me that, the closer we get to God, the more we want to create." God's creative. Look around. All the variety of creatures, color and beauty. I love it. It's in me. I'm his. Thus I create.

Next was soap. A friend sent me some handmade soap. She told me how she'd started this thing and several of our other friends had jumped on the bandwagon to make soap. I refused. Nonconformist that I am, I didn't want to be another cog in the soap wheel. But as my last bar was becoming a transparent sliver, I knew I couldn't go back. Lever 2000 just wouldn't do for me anymore. So I caved and made soap. Well as with any new craft, it was fun and addictive, so I made more and more. Being overrun with soap, I sent it abroad to friends and family. This gave birth to a business.....which brings me to my next point.

I've used many of these creative tendencies of mine to make money. Our dream is for our family to work together. So we did not only soap, but a whole line of skincare. Most recently I've made cleaner and thought of just marketing that. It's natural, works great and I use it exclusively for ALL of my cleaning, even mirrors, glass and wood. So that's an option under my hat, because I want to help our family stay together, see I want a full time dad....and all day, by our side, working with us, full time dad. It's the God given desire of our hearts. So maybe the cleaner. And maybe the photography. Or maybe the?

Still biting.


kentuckymommy said...

Wow that is too funny! About a year ago the photography bug bite me too and I have ben learning and hope to one day use it to help our family really is a small world...and how bout that cleaner? Do share more about it! And the gdiapers you can find via Whole Foods or their is something like I love, Love, LOVE them!!!

Sailor and Co said...

I have no clue about how all that "stuff" works. :) I just take pictures and learn by trial and error what works and what doesn't :) Thanks for calling it was nice to chat.... encouragement for SURE :)

seasonsmom said...

Hey, girl. Looks like I am on a roll tonite. Catching up on my bloggie friends after long time no post myself. Now, I totally dig your new look, as I said, well, your blog, for I haven't seen a new you since you bragged about losing weight. But didn't really give details on how you were doing it :( So, did you get a cam yet? Checked Dawn's pics on FB? She's got a Nikon, I believe. It's not much. I forgot the model, she replied to my comment to one of her photos. Check her out. Also a great photo blogger is crazybusy at homeschoolblogger. Busy mom of 6 with my camera Canon 40D. But I haven't been able to take those pics like her. She's got a few nicer lenses too! She is on my FB too. I love her-Alyssa! Her pics of her kids totally rock and she has tutorials on her site-a[erture, shutter speed. White balance (the red in Cherish's photo vs natural skin tone, etc) Dig in. Em me if you want direct links so you don't have to dig. But her blog is not busy. you can find everything easy on the side bar. She is awesome! Hope it helps.