Friday, July 17, 2009

All Raw

I haven't talked about weight loss in awhile because, well, I haven't lost any in awhile. Urgh. Yep, stand still. Dead. Still. 15 lbs was all she wrote. At least I thought. Well, I mentioned last post that I sorta cheated on my all fruit day. Just sorta. So on my last rotation, I decided to be good, and sure enough I lost 2 lbs that time. But, call me greedy, I wanted to lose more than that. But as John sweetly reminds me, Have you measured? Are you still losing inches? Guess that's what I get for always saying, 'it's measurements that really matter.' Anyway, as it turns out, I was still losing inches throughout this no poundage lost process. Yay...but I have to admit, the scales were irritating me. Measuring was very encouraging, however, cuz since beginning this mad quest for weight loss, I've steadily lost 5 1/4 inches from my waist and 2 1/2 inches from my hips (I'm not a very hip-y girl, my squish mostly lies in the mid region....aka spare tire.). Of course I've lost in other places but these two areas are my main concern. So throughout stagnation valley of 15 lbs, I was still losing inches, so yay.

But I wanted more....more, I say. So John and I conversed over this. (I'm sure he cherishes the moments when we discuss my weight loss plans, but anyway...)

Me: It seems this fruit day is pivotal. I lost more after doing it right and I'm thinking there's something metabolic going on here. [Smart, aren't I?]

J: Maybe you should try going all raw for, say, a week and see if that speeds things up. [Early in our marriage, John and I ate all raw for quite a while, and he still says that's the best he's ever felt. We both lost weight. But I like to be real...I mean I like food and cooked food is, well, it's yum, that's why I'm chubby. There, I said it.]

Me: You're so smart. Okay, I'll do it 6 days and then have an off day Saturday, because I HAVE to have an off day or mentally, I'll go whizzy.

J: ~grin~

Me: Yep, and we'll juice again. You've been wanting me to juice. Sorry I don't do that more often.

-----Hugs and kisses all around.------

Disclaimer: Not all of our conversations are this grand and riveting, nor do they all end with hugs and kisses, but I DO love that man like mad fire.

So, I did it...we're on the all raw week and I am down 4 lbs. I measure/ weigh on Saturdays, but I couldn't help hopping on the scales yesterday after doing raw a few days. So my plan is to cycle in normal days next week. Here's the way it's gonna go.

All raw til Saturday, upon which day I shall slap together some culinary treat to satisfy the masses. :)

Sunday-all raw

Monday-normal (Normal=small meals, minimal bread if any, no sweets. Lots o' fruit and veggies and possibly my cottage cheese potion...more on that later)

Tuesday-all raw


Thursday-Friday-all raw

Saturday-OFF....this means, no rules. Bring on the chocolate and so forth.

After that, I dunno. We may do an all normal week or go back to the 11 day deal, that's sorta up to the scales. And tape measure, of course.

Me eating some salad...all raw.

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