Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Who's Got the Funk, Ya-OUW

Since my natural cleaner recipe went over so well, and since I'm no longer doing skincare (for now anyway) I thought I'd share my newest deodorant recipe. It absolutely rocks, I mean defunks!! If you want to read more about how I came about this deo and why it's so hoppin' great, read here.

Times-a-wastin' so here it is:

3 oz witch hazel (this is 3oz by weight)

1 oz vodka or grain alcohol (again by weight)

1 tsp lime essential oil

1 tsp lemongrass essential oil

½ tsp tea tree essential oil

½ tsp rosemary essential oil

1 tsp grapefruit seed extract

**Warning....if you have an aversion or sensitivity to essential oils, don't use this deodorant, it's pretty concentrated.

Concentrated....yes. Effective....yes, yes. Long lasting...yes, yes, yes. In fact, I made this a couple of months ago and John and I are just now down to the last of it. I LOVE IT!!!

It has an excellent citrus smell and has a nice cooling feel when applied. I love it...have I said that yet?


seasonsmom said...

So, you put it in a spray bottle of some sort? I've been using cornstarch with baking soda and tea tree oil. It works for half days on hot days and leaves a white sweat mark sometimes, so I am looking for alrenatives. WOuld love to try yours. Have you made gel yet girl? I am in need! Thanks, love the new look. I am so glad you are taking time to blog. I finally posted a whiny post after more than a month of nothingness. My hat to you, busy mom!

liz said...

Thanks! Wonder what to do for antiperspirant.

Chasity said...

Liz, Honestly I don't worry about it but I don't feel wet and believe me, I'm a sweater...not the fuzzy kind. :)