Monday, January 12, 2009

We're here!

Yep, here we are, in OK! I'm thrilled that it's not nearly as cold as I thought it would be. (YET!) We still have some things to move from Texas and have to close on the house still but we're beginning to unpack and all that jazz. I do not have internet though, so my blogging, emailing, etc will be limited to library trips, which could be once a week or less...bummer. I'm not too sad about it, but it sure is handy to keep up with everyone. So all that said, here we are, and there ya go.


Elaine said...

So glad you made it O.K. Keep us up to date!

seasonsmom said...

So good to catch up on your life. Praying for MB's www and yours would follow suit. I can't believe i didn't follow your blog. I guess you added that feature later. I tried to add myself as a follower but I got a prob with stupid blocks. Will try tomorrow. Glad you finally moved. Hope you like it there. Need to call y'all soon. MB called a few days ago and I still haven't returned her call. I am so busy with kids during the day.