Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Getting Settled

We've closed on our place in Texas so won't be going back there for awhile. I'll miss that huge state, but a new adventure is always fun. As of yet, we still have no internet, which means I can't add pics to my blog :(, can't do facebook....(not a huge loss except for all those old church friends who are adding me as a friend and I can't reply), can only email and blog once in awhile when it's convenient to get away. So I miss the ease of communication especially since I'm not a phone savvy gal. But no significant withdrawal though. However, if we are to continue doing our skincare business, it'll be a bit difficult with no internet...we'll see. I guess the biggest miss will be pics. I want to share the kids snowman with you...the cute chubbiness of Zev...yes, he's chubbin' up, and the new baby when he/she arrives. Better run for now...more news next time.

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seasonsmom said...

So good to hear from ya, girl! Glad you are taking it as a challenge. We want to come visit B and M, that means you too! Hope it happens! Keep up the blogging and I hope the business part works out too! It's got to be hard but maybe you can get www there soon? I'd be in serious withdrawals. Seriously. That's where i get recipes and tons of info every day. It was hard when we were in KY. No phone nor www at the cabin. Bless ya. Me