Thursday, May 29, 2008


Schwew. Man, I've wanted to blog for a while, but who knew you'd find so many old friends on Facebook. As secretary to my man, I've been assigned the task of scheduling our days so that we are more efficient in our endeavors, so that's something I'm working on. Of course we can't be too punch clockish or it won't jive. But anyway, I should be doing that instead of this, we's looking neat, John's adding rocks and bottles (for groovy light) and I'm way excited, because, you guessed it folks, when this puppy's done, we move on to the HOUSE. Hot diggidy spank! I am so excited. Of course we'll have to do careful planning, praying and more planning before we start, but yipppeeeeeeeeee. In our last cobbing effort I was assigned the task of de-labeling some of the bottles....and I stabbed myself with John's pocket machete (he calls it a knife but it's the size of Montana) and right in the joint too, man that hurt. Big waaaa. So this time I actually got muddy and cobbed, love it but don't get to do it as often as the rest of the crew, may have to nurse, cook, clean, soap, you know. I'm busy. was fun. So here's a pic of my hunky man sitting on our progress....

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