Saturday, June 7, 2008

Family photos

I thought I had a good camera but I'm seeing my friends pics and thinking, those look better...oh well, contentment is bliss. We did some photos and here they are...I'll blog more later, gotta get off this machine. :)


seasonsmom said...

Hey, girl!
Thos are cool pics of the family and the kids. The one with you and baby just had more shade and flash didn't go off. Your beautiful princess just moved or you moved, that's why blurry. Just take a few more shots and you'll get more choices. YOur products rock, so can y our pics, but it's a learning curve and it takes time to learn! I am preaching here to myself. I haven't taken many pics lately myself. You can't know it all, you know. You got a great soap business, concentrate on that. Us, photo people don't make money off taking pics, believe me. I am going to try to post our latest happenings here with a cute family photo taken by a friend of mine. I haven't blogged in a long time. It is crazily busy around here but Ben is gone and I can try. Love, Nat

Lynn said...

I can't believe how big everyone has gotten. I can hardly recognize them!