Thursday, May 8, 2008

Blib blab blob

It's been awhile so I'll probably gab about several things...thus the reason for my broad range title. So we're back from Canton, yep....back. It was really, um, bad this time....I would be very discouraged if it hadn't been for the tornado that seemingly turned everyone off to the idea of shopping. Yep, tornado in Canton. So we decided to take a break from it until fall....two reasons...being outside on the "grounds" would be way more, well, way better. And seeing as how we live in hot-tamale-ville it would be a bad idea to take natural skincare products and sell them outside for 4 days in a row in the blairy hot summer. So we thought we should wait until it cools off. Also, that's that. But our efforts were not in vain, we met some great people, lots of interest in our company and wholesale we're praying that all pans out. We still feel Canton is gonna work for us....I had a feeling we should go outside, but agreed that inside would logically be where everyone would go to "cool off" and grab a bite at the food court. Problem is Canton's Trade Days has been going on forever, yep forever, and this building is new....3 years new, and your average hard core Cantoner has never even heard of it. So that equals less shopping traffic which is a real drag for those of us trying to earn a living at this. So we shall wait and do it in the fall...didn't I say that already.
But God is faithful and we came home yet again to more online orders. Our business is really growing and starting to pick up the pace. YIPPPEEEE.

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