Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Where'd ja go?

I'm sure some of you are wondering where in the world I've been. I wonder myself...sheez, it's been over a month since I blogged. Recent news....we're moving. Or not....that's just the thing we don't really know yet. Admittedly that's a bit frustrating, the not knowing that is. But we're learning to wait on God, and it seems that he has us in this season in our lives for just that...learning to wait on Him. So if you know us, pray for us please, cuz half the time we're confused and feel like we're aimlessly wandering. But as my husband recently reminded me, we need to be content just knowing we're where God wants us. And when He decides to move us on, we'll know. God bless you all and hopefully I'll see you sooner next time.

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