Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I love toddlers, well, my toddlers that is. The high-pitched, scream-til-my-lungs-burst, stomp on my feet toddlers I can do without. (Am I suggesting my toddlers don't do this? You betcha! Though Zev has been known to be high pitched on occasion. But he's in training.) When we have a little one (which we have had several) reach about 18 months to 2 years, John always says, “What are we gonna do when we don't have one of these anymore?” We love those cute, mispronouncin' bundles of toddley goodness. Can't get enough of 'em. And basically could just eat 'em. Zev is our current toddler of supreme cUtifery.

But let me rewind.

A few days ago, I was organizing (something I can't get enough of by the way....luva da organizin') my school planning notebook when I came across a paper entitled Cherish-isms. Coined that phrase myself, how ya like me now? Uh huh. Said paper was dated 11-29-06, three years ago...she was 2 at that time. (See where I'm goin' here??) I am so glad I documented these and I wish I'd done it for all my kiddos. I did a tape recording of Gabe...another great idea.....but I'm not sure where that is now. We move too much. These? It? “What is she talking about?”, you ask. The isms, silly, pay attention. “But what are isms?”, you ask again. Well, they are the adorable mispronunciations of, you guessed it, toddlers. My toddlers. Right. So, back to Cherish. Strolling down memory lane with my Cherish-isms paper, I laughed to read drAder aka refrigerator or how about trOyer for stroller or my favorite was cahqueez.....crackers. LOVE IT!! See why I say they're edible? Gravy. Anyway, as of this very evening, Zev had a word explosion (see more on this here with some Thatch-isms to boot), yep I'm diggin' the cuteness.

Now let me replay this evenings events for ya. I pull Zev up into my lap and say, “Let's talk, Buggie. You ready, Say Mommy.”


Say Daddy.” “Dadeee”

Say Quinn” “Pimp.”

Quinn?” “Pin”

Say Gabe” “Bade”

Say Eli” “Lie”

Say Cherish” “Sherz”

Say Thatch” “Tat”

Say Zev” “Wev”

Good, say Harmony” “Hahnee”

So then I pick up my glass of water because I, being his mother, know his word for water and/or drink, so I said, “What's this?”


Not sure why Harmony and water are the same, but they are.

We went on and on with yes sir, yes ma'am, thank you, Banjo, Sadie, Jesus and tons of other words until he asked me for a bite.

“Uh bite?”

You wanna bite?” “Bite.”

Do you want bread?” “Bed.”

He takes and enjoys his homemade bread and says, “Bite?” he offered me some to which I declined.

No thank you. Is it good?”


Can you say good?”


This kid is so hausin' cute.

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