Friday, April 24, 2009

More often??

I wish I could blog more often, but with seven kids (holy mac I just said that, didn't I?) it's not that easy to get away, in fact, I'm thinking, Harmony's probably ready for milkies now. Oh yeah, for those who don't know...Harmony Blessing Akiki was born March 26th....I'll try to put pictures of her up the next time I get on here. (which could be awhile...sorry) She's a sweet little thing and I can't wait to share her story with here goes. Right after Cherish was born, the Lord gave me the name Harmony which was right before I started making soap and my hubby came home one day saying we should do a business and call it Harmony Soap (this happened right after I started making soap)...I was like, NO WAY, that's supposed to be our next daughter's name. But we did it anyway for awhile, then changed it. Anyway, next baby...boy, next baby...boy. No girls, what about that name? During Zev's pregnancy the Lord gave me Blessing for her middle name, but still she wasn't here. So the seventh pregnancy (holy mac, did I just say seven???) and I wasn't getting my hopes up for a girl. A friend called saying she dreamed I was having a girl...maybe, maybe not. We'll see. But on the morning of March 26th, we found out. After a gloriously short birth, we had our girl, our Harmony, and she's some kinda cute!!!

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seasonsmom said...

Oh, my Gosh, lady! I had no clue you already had your sweet precioiusness! I'll call you tomorrow! Argghh! I didn't know you were due so soon!!! Congratulations on your precious blessing! Love, N