Tuesday, November 18, 2008

She returns...

Man I hate how long it takes me to get back to blogging, but I'm a wee stretched I guess. But by the time I blog I have 8 million things to say and don't feel like typing for a year. Sheez. Anywho....I don't really know where to start except that God is smackin' us left and right with answered prayers, it's so cool....LOVE IT!! We've already had an offer on our place. John was praying for a buyer who would be as relaxed as he is about things (reason being we have a mud building and other Akiki eccentrics that not your average home owner would be diggin', but hey, we thought we were staying here forever) and that is exactly what this buyer would be. We still aren't sure if that's what we'll do, but it's so nice to know it's there. :) I'm gonna cut this short at that, but I have alot more to say, where we're going, what about soap?, but....kiddos call.

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