Friday, September 10, 2010

She's actually posting??

Yes, I know, it's been forever. But really if I had internet access at home, I would dutifully blog more often, really and the drag of it is, I can't add pictures at my local library. :( So you can't see how cute the kids are unless you are my facebook friend, then you could peek at a few my mother-in-law put up (some I took, some she). They show up on my wall but anyway....someday again we may get back online, but for now it's low priority. That said, I will try to post a little more often, but it's doubtful that it actually happens.

A little about what's up...we live in a neat little town with groovy creeks. Cold clear water that's a blast to swim in, well, except when we went last cuz September isn't as warm as August. Yikes. We are so thankful. Creeks rock and we love living so close to an awesome one. We went to visit the Pearls recently, I know you'd love to see'll have to take that up with the library people. It was a blast and we are only about 50 miles away, met some neat families and plan to go pretty regularly. Fun!

Yes, there's more than that but I'll have to give you the rest later. I'll leave you with this quote from Zev when I asked for a smooch.

"I can't mooch you."

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Seasonsmom said...

Finally got to your updates, (after you mentioned last time we talked that you have blogged :) Hope you get www soon so we can see and read more of you funnies! You rock!